The Informant

The Informant

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In Thomas Perrya€™s Edgar-winning debut The Butchera€™s Boy, a professional killer betrayed by the Mafia leaves countless mobsters dead and then disappears. Justice Department official Elizabeth Waring is the only one who believes he ever existed. Many years later, the Butchera€™s Boy finds his peaceful life threatened when a Mafia hit team finally catches up with him. He knows they wona€™t stop coming and decides to take the fight to their door. Soon Waring, now high up in the Organized Crime Division of the Justice Department, receives a surprise latenight visit from the Butchera€™s Boy. Knowing she keeps track of the Mafia, he asks her whom his attackers worked for, offering information that will help her crack an unsolved murder in return. So begins a new assault on organized crime and an uneasy alliance between opposite sides of the law. As the Butchera€™s Boy works his way ever closer to his quarry in an effort to protect his new way of life, Waring is in a race against time, either to convince him to become a protected informanta€”or to take him out of commission for good.If the magnet on the window frame moved away from the switch in the sill, the switch would close, the alarm circuit would be ... There was an alarm system box somewhere in the house, and it was possible to open it and turn off the system.

Title:The Informant
Author:Thomas Perry
Publisher:Houghton Mifflin Harcourt - 2011-05-05


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