The Invisible Real Fathers Guide

The Invisible Real Fathers Guide

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Why this book? Because I believe it is truly needed. Yes, the traditional role has been for men to be just breadwinners. But what happens if you have to be the breadwinner and the caregiver at the same time because your significant other can no longer do it, is no longer there to do it, or will no longer do it or, just plain outright, wona€™t do it? What if she was never the mothering type to begin with or youa€™ve discovered she is such that you wouldna€™t trust her to take care of even a gerbil no matter how much you love her? Well, that just leaves you, unless you are planning to dump your children upon your folks, the system, or who ever. I hope thata€™s not you, but then if it was, you would not be reading this. As far as I can see, no real effort has been made to give men, young men, any kind of guidance to be really good fathers. You can be a tough manly man and still be a good father. There are plenty of help aides for women, but you just dona€™t see this for men. In this book, I am attempting to provide such based on my own real-life experiences and what I have done with my own children in my care. I may not be able to cover everything, but I will do my best to come as close as reasonably possible. Whether you have made the choice or you have been surprised and discovered the choice has chosen you, I will do my best to give you the information that may help you do the best job possible and hopefully also save you and maybe even your children some pain as well. Some things I say in this book may not seem to apply to fatherhood at first, but believe me, it does as it is interrelated. Nothing happens in a vacuum. There is a reason for everything, and many things that dona€™t seem related actually have an effect on other things. So it is with everything I touch upon in this book.A Guide For Men Whom Are Or Wish To Be Real Fathers Derek McNeil ... If you dona#39;t do this, they will eventually watch things they really shouldna#39;t and you will have a whole new set of problems. Image problems ... No, ita#39;s not the only factor in leading up to these things but as a parent every little bit you can do to prevent your budding child from going down these paths counts and adds up. Girls and boys often try out what they see. Dona#39;t let the drama on TV get played out in your home.

Title:The Invisible Real Fathers Guide
Author:Derek McNeil
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2013-04-17


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