The Iron Tree

The Iron Tree

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Jarred, recently come of age, is leaving the sun-scorched desert village that has always been his home. He sets out with a band of friends to see the mighty and beautiful kingdom of the north and to seek out the truth about his father, who came to the village a stranger and departed when Jarred was ten, never to return. After the travellers are set upon in a ravine and several of their number sustain injuries, they seek shelter in the Marsh of Slievmordhu a€“ a cool green world of dazzling beauty as different from their homeland as night and day. Here Jarred meets Lilith, and in a single moment he realizes that his life can never be the same again. But neither of the young lovers is aware how closely linked their fates a€“ and their past a€“ really are. During a visit to Cathair Rua, the Red City, Jarred stumbles across the secret of the Iron Tree, and with it an unbearable truth about his father's identity... Praise for the a€˜Bitterbyndea€™ trilogy: a€˜Dart-Thorntona€™s Bitterbynde trilogy a€“ each book and all three together - deserves to win every fantasy award there isa€™ Tanith Lee 'Hobbit-fanciers will find much to delight them' The TimesMost likely he would have gone to the apothecaries, or the carlins, or evena€”if he were in severe straitsa€”to the gypsies. ... of shamanic tools including weedpipes carved into mysterious forms, hookahs, painted ceremonial shields, handdrums, ... He bowed to Jarred and bared his teeth in a rabbity snarl apparently intended as a grin, which displayed a row of charcoal stubs to match those of the woman.

Title:The Iron Tree
Author:Cecilia Dart-Thornton
Publisher:Pan Macmillan - 2011-12-12


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