The J, E, D & P Murders

The J, E, D & P Murders

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First, Tucker's ex-wife turns up murdered on the very same day that he comes out of a four-year coma. For no apparent reason, she is found lying on the floor of her apartment strangled to death. No note, no nothing. Three months later a high society qescortq meets a similar fate. A cryptic biblical reference is left behind, signed only by qJ.q Within the week, two more bodies show up. First, liberal theologian Noah Templeton is found drowned in his bathtub after winning the prestigious Sophia award. Another biblical reference, this time signed by qE.q Seventy-two hours later atheist extraordinaire Winston Caine turns up dead in his hotel room. Caine is bludgeoned to death beyond recognition with a note from qDq pinned to his chest. J. E. D. Three down and one to go. All that remains is P. Who's next? J, E, D, and P, short-hand names for the anonymous writers of the first five books of the Old Testament. J, the Yahwhist. E, the Elohimist. D, the Deuteronomist. And P, the Priestly writer. But what does it all mean? There is an qevangelical Christian whackoq on the loose, single-handedly trying to rid the world of persons with loose morals and those heathens who don't fall in line. That's what GOD is saying. Not that God. The other one. G.O.D. Garrett Osborne Donalty, the nighttime shock jock who comes to you every night from seven to ten over radio station W.O.R.D. The police don't seem tuned in to GOD, though. Nor do they seem to have a clue. In fact, incredible as it sound, they may be in on it. It's either a qwhacko, q or a cover up, or??? Whatever it is, one by one the pieces of the puzzle seem to be falling into the hands of none other than Reverend Tucker Tolliver. All poor Tucker wants to do is to bring Sarah's killer to justice and get on with his life in the peaceful serenity of a brand new seminary named in his honor. But like it or not, he seems to be the only one connecting the dots, and the picture he gets when he connects them isn't very pretty. Sometimes seminaries aren't as peaceful and serene as they are cracked up to be.Instead, two more pieces of gray, moldy grout popped out and fell to the bottom of the tub. ... Tucker hated the showera€”the water pressure (too low), the temperature (even lower), the grout (too cracked), the tile (too moldy), the mold ( too all-over-the-place). ... the fridge that was out of the Pre-Mezoic Era; the non- existent washer and dryer that the trustees had been promising to replace for two years now.

Title:The J, E, D & P Murders
Author:Rev. Thomas O’Donnell, Esq.
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2008-01-16


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