The Jan de Vries Guide to Health and Vitality

The Jan de Vries Guide to Health and Vitality

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This helpful and informative new publication by world-renowned alternative health guru Jan de Vries is a straightforward and constructive guide to maintaining good health by natural means. Packed full of useful tips and revealing new case studies, the book covers a wide range of issues and offers advice on how to: keep fit and healthy; give up common addictions such as alcohol, nicotine, caffeine and sugar; prevent allergies; enjoy exercise and maintain a healthy digestive system. Jan de Vries also suggests natural ways to cultivate healthy skin, hair and nails, relieve stress and boost the immune system. He also provides some important new information on dealing with Alzheimer's disease. Added to these tips, there is further advice on how to standardise sleeping patterns, ways to achieve optimum sexuality and fertility, and the best means of obtaining an overall sense of health, happiness and vitality in the long term.The quantity of beer drunk has increased by four and people now drink five times as much wine as before. ... Even those who are not actually dependent on alcohol can be inviting serious problems. ... I have seen so many problems of toxicity of the liver that I have had to use strong antitoxins, like Vogela#39;s Detox Box, and a strong antioxidant such as Daily Choice ... Help is at hand if you want to take it.

Title:The Jan de Vries Guide to Health and Vitality
Author:Jan de Vries
Publisher:Random House - 2011-04-08


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