The Jepson Manual

The Jepson Manual

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qMore information is packed into one volume that will be useful to a wider audience than any other manual of this kind yet published in the history of botany.q--David L. Magney, The California Native Plant Society qA single work . . . simultaneously accessible to dedicated beginners and indispensable to professional botanists. . . . For the first time in one volume a user-friendly flora of the exceedingly diverse higher plants of California.q--Mildred E. Mathias, editor of qFlowering Plants in the Landscapeq qAllows amateurs and professionals alike to easily and accurately identify plant species. . . . A product that will contribute in a major way to the preservation of California's unique floral resource. Our gratitude and congratulations for a job well done.q--Phyllis Faber, Editor, qFremontiaq qSets new standards for excellence . . . and picks up beautifully on the contemporary idea that botanical work should be fully accessible to the general public as well as to scientists.q--Peter H. Raven, Missouri Botanical Garden qPrecise and accurate, a masterpiece of clarity and succinctness.q--G. Ledyard Stebbins, University of California, DavisFL: calyx 6-8 mm, membrane obscure, 1/2 calyx length; corolla salverform, tube 20-35 mm, thread-like, maroon, pink, or yellow, ... sw US, n EœEmN…. (Latin: like Loeselia) [Timbrook 1986 MadroApo 33:157-174] Self-compatible; gen cross- pollinated.

Title:The Jepson Manual
Author:Willis Linn Jepson
Publisher:Univ of California Press - 1993


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