The Job Doesn't Exist You're Hired

The Job Doesn't Exist You're Hired

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What happens when someone accepts a job position according to an interview and the job description, but it turns out not to be what the company advertized? What if your new supervisor instructed that the work he assigned was to be done only according to his methods which violate Occupational Saftey and Health Standards? What would you do if the supervisor harasses you for using saftey gear? What if your supervisor gave other employees your paycheck stub for their review? Defamation and Gossip in the Workplace, Bad Attitude in the Workplace, Depravation of Character, Wrongful Termination, Discrimination? Should violations aginst empoyees like these be pursued?I spent the next two days running a weed eater trying to cut down what seemed to me like an acre of weeds that ... Every project or repair seemed very time consuming to me just because of parts and having to return time after time to get tools.

Title:The Job Doesn't Exist You're Hired
Author:Robert J. Glogowski - 2008-10-31


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