The Judicial Response to Police Killings in Latin America

The Judicial Response to Police Killings in Latin America

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This book documents the corrosive effect of social exclusion on democracy and the rule of law. It shows how marginalization prevents citizens from effectively engaging even the best legal systems, how politics creeps into prosecutorial and judicial decision making, and how institutional change is often nullified by enduring contextual factors. It also shows how some institutional arrangements can overcome these impediments. The argument is based on extensive field work and original data on the investigation and prosecution of more than 500 police homicides in five legal systems in Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay. It includes both qualitative analyses of individual violations and prosecutions and quantitative analyses of broad patterns within and across jurisdictions. The book offers a structured comparison of police, prosecutorial, and judicial institutions in each location, and shows that analyses of any one of these organizations in isolation misses many of the essential dynamics that underlie an effective system of justice.Inequality and the Rule of Law Daniel M. Brinks ... Open letter from the relatives of victims of police repression, available from articulo.php?p=7 aamp;more=1aamp;c=1 (accessed May 16, 2007). da Silva, L IApgia M. Vieira, ... Salvador, Bahia: Commiss Iƒao de Justic Isa e Paz da Arquidiocese de Salvador.

Title:The Judicial Response to Police Killings in Latin America
Author:Daniel M. Brinks
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 2007-10-22


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