The Just a Minute Omnibus

The Just a Minute Omnibus

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From the discovery of dinosaur bones in Alberta to Jacques Plantea€™s invention of the hockey mask and Marshall McLuhana€™s radical analysis of the media and the modern world, JUST A MINUTE free-wheels through some of the most interesting and human stories of a nation that was named a€œKanataa€ after the Iroquois word for a€œvillage.a€Did you know that the McIntosh apple came from one accidental tree? Laura Secord never had a cow. Baseball was being played in Canada a full year before American Abner Doubleday claims to have invented the game. Governor Frontenac came to Quebec City to avoid his French creditors. And did you know that a€œtruth, justice and the American waya€ was a Canadian invention?This is a highly readable, historically correct, and wildly entertaining volume that will leave readers constantly saying to themselves, a€œI didna€™t know that.a€Valcourt, Quebec, 1935 a€” Joseph-Armand Bombardier gave new meaning to the concept of aquot;dashing through the snow.aquot; He unlocked the world of winter when he created the snowmobile. Bombardier grew up in the community of Valcourt inanbsp;...

Title:The Just a Minute Omnibus
Author:Marsha Boulton
Publisher:McArthur & Company Pub Limited - 2001-08


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