The Kennedy Club

The Kennedy Club

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When Emily and Jack meet by chance on a Cape Cod beach, it's the beginning of a tumultuous twenty-year romance that takes them into the eye of war and the heat of politics. Along for the ride are four Harvard University friends who are members of the Kennedy Club. Aspiring to the ideals of former president John F. Kennedy, the group's goal is to get Jack elected President of the United States. Emily and Jack fall in love, but will his ambition to be president outweigh his love for her, and will she be able to set aside her own career to help him achieve his dream? And will the bond of their relationship withstand betrayal and the lust for power as Jack fights to become the chief executive of the country? Coop, Jack's best friend and trusted campaign manager gets caught up in the fight to stop the destructive practice of mountain top mining devastating his home state of West Virginia. He becomes a terrorist activist against the coal companies, putting Jack's political career in jeopardy, and threatning Coop's relationship with the beautiful Adriana.They were mesmerized for a moment as they looked at a huge tornado a few miles away that was churning up the ... aۥWe have to get the cattle moving quickly to the southeast, so we will have to start a stampede. ... As the cattle herd was turning to the southeast, the giant black monster of a tornado churned over the bluff and slammed into the tail end of the herd. ... A fast quarter horse could do 50 miles per hour in a sprint, but she had a five-mile run and she hoped Caesar could do 35anbsp;...

Title:The Kennedy Club
Author:G. P. Schultz
Publisher:greg Schultz - 2011


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