The Kill Zone

The Kill Zone

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Twin brother and sister CJ and PJ Wyndham are outside playing when they witness the fantastic - an alien spaceship crashing to Earth. Before they can react, light flares, the ground shakes, and a strange technology reaches out from the crashed ship to transform the twins into Galactic Guardians. Now CJ and PJ have to leave Earth to attend the Guardian Academy on the distant planet Jaarwahst. Surrounded by strange aliens, fantastic technology, and incredible alien sights, CJ and PJ are drawn into a 5000-year old mystery behind how and why the ship crashed on Earth. Even as they make new friends and learn how to control their amazing Guardian abilities, forces on Jaarwahst are plotting. Was the crash an accident? Or is there a galaxy-wide conspiracy aimed at Earth? CJ and PJ must use science, intellect, and their wits to solve the mystery beforeHe was gone for eleven days and returned without any problems. When he was in his twenties, he went to school and learned air conditioning, refrigeration and heating. He went into ... Then he started driving a truck for a living. He worked for anbsp;...

Title:The Kill Zone
Author:Gerald L. Hunt
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2007-09


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