The King

The King

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Rodrigo has won the throne of Caledon and mastered the Stilla€™s magic. Now comes the real challenge: He must rule. When Rodrigo took control of the mystical powers of the Still, he gained the knowledge of his forefathers. On the battlefield, the Still is a potent weapon and Rodrigo proves to be a gifted strategist. But the Still doesna€™t make him perfect, and even the wisdom of generations of Caledonian rulers cana€™t prepare Rodrigo for what will come next. A sudden betrayal costs Rodrigo the life and companionship of the person he loves most. With the savage King Hriskil advancing on the north, hoping to seize Caledon, Rodrigo must press on toward an earth-shattering magical confrontation.A yeara#39;s stipend wouldna#39;t buya€”a€ a€œWhat did you do? ... Rust crossed the tent, jerked the blanket free of Anavara#39;s grasp, inspected his stripes. Gently, he ... a€œHea#39; lllearn to take carea€”a€ He grasped my mouth, squeezed itso I gawped like a fish.

Title:The King
Author:David Feintuch
Publisher:Open Road Media - 2013-01-08


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