The Kitchen God's Guide for Single Guys

The Kitchen God's Guide for Single Guys

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One evening, I came into the kitchen planning to microwave some left-over pizza. There he was - this kitchen god. (Ia€™m serious, stop laughing.) He said he was kicked out of the cooking universe for gross abuse of something or other. (I think it was snorting curry or cinnamon.) Anyway, he made a deal with me to publish this book and help single guys eat better and save cash. There is a lot of basic information (shopping, supplies, tools, etc.). But more important, you will learn how to enjoy food that you make yourself. You will become an adventurer, an explorer and conqueror of meat, vegetables, and condiments.Hard boiled eggs are very easy to prepare. Enjoy them any time of the day or night. They make great accompaniments. Eggs cook at below boiling temperature, so dona#39;t overdo the time eggs spend in boiling water. Microwave warning: do not, anbsp;...

Title:The Kitchen God's Guide for Single Guys
Author:Allan Sand
Publisher:Allan P. Sand - 2010-01-10


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