The Kuroshio Power Plant

The Kuroshio Power Plant

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By outlining a new design or the Kuroshio power plant, new approaches to turbine design, anchorage system planning, deep sea marine engineering and power plant operations and maintenance are explored and suggested. The impact on the local environment, particularly in the face of natural disasters, is also considered to provide a well rounded introduction to plan and build a 30MW pilot power plant. Following a literature review, the six chapters of this book propose a conceptual design by focusing on the plant's core technologies and establish the separate analysis logics for turbine design and the relay platforms. This is tempered against the ecological impact of both the construction and operation of the plant. These proposed technologies and plans can be further applied to power generation in other waters such as the Gulf Stream, the East Australian Current the Humboldt Current and the East Africa Coastal Current. Engineers, students and industry professionals are provided with a solid introduction to power plant technology as well as a design with specific real world applications.The primary factor affecting zooplankton populations in the Kuroshio is the availability of food; thus, zooplankton populations ... Some zooplankton travel considerable distances during this vertical migration, following the greatest chlorophyll ... Once the power plants begin operations, this will become a daily occurrence, and will have a significant impact on zooplankton ecosystems near the power plants.

Title:The Kuroshio Power Plant
Author:Falin Chen
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2013-08-04


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