The Lac Operon

The Lac Operon

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This book describes the history and present knowledge of a paradigmatic system, the lac operon of E. coli. The first part of the book presents the history of the operon and various schools of thought regarding genetic control in general. The second part presents a number of false interpretations and misconceptions and demonstrates how easily a scientist may deceive himself. The third and last part thoroughly covers the current state of knowledge of the lac operon including the importance of the auxiliary operators and discussions of several X-ray structures, one of which was published shortly before this book went into press. A unique combination of personal anecdotes and present-day science makes this book appealing to students, postdocs, active and retired researchers alike.The sugar of grapes is turned into alcohol by omnipresent yeast. Later, yeast was isolated and used to make delicious bread. When the Jewish slaves fled from Egypt, they had no time to put yeast in their dough (2). ... In fact, Justus von Liebig ( 1 803- 1 873), professor at Giessen University, who studied alcohol fermentation, stated in many papers ... How does this breakdown of glucose to ethanol occur?

Title:The Lac Operon
Author:Benno Müller-Hill
Publisher:Walter de Gruyter - 1996-01-01


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