The Lady in the Watch

The Lady in the Watch

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Dennis Fleetwood appeared in court effectively and frequently. Time and time again the lawyer for the other side was John Eldridge. During a meeting in Johna€™s office Dennis noticed a picture of a woman he thought he recognized. It was Johna€™s mother, a mother whom John never knew. She, strangely, had placed him in a boarding school in Great Britain. Later Dennis discovered that the womana€™s picture was in an antique watch that had been hidden in his briefcase during his flight from Harvard to California. The discovery of that watch, and Dennisa€™ naive attempt to use the law to help John Eldridge find his mother, led Dennis down a path that threatened, not only his career, but his life. He was no match for the violent responses that resulted from that guileless attempt to help John.Approaching the sign closer Dennis discovered that the owner lived next door. ... he announced with a Spanish accent, a€œLet me show you the garage. ... Impressed , Dennis turned to the owner who had been showing it, a€œWhen can I move in?

Title:The Lady in the Watch
Author:Norm Wilson
Publisher:iUniverse - 2009-06-17


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