The Land Of Plenty

The Land Of Plenty

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'There is an Australian dream that is collective. It goes to the roots of what it means to be Australian, since it's imprinted in Australia's history, the collective acts of its peoples, their attitudes, their gestures, what and how they eat, how they spend their leisure time, and the way such things reflect upon and derive from who they are.' In The Land of Plenty, Mark Davis argues that this dream has been forsaken. Over the past few decades Australians have felt the ground shift beneath their feet. Many people are asking why Australia is no longer the egalitarian place it once was. While the airwaves sing and newspaper front pages burst with news of how prosperous Australians are, many people wonder why they are working harder and longer, for so little, while important social agendas have fallen by the wayside. The Land of Plenty is at once a devastating record of the changes that have taken place in Australian society since the 1980s, and a goldmine of ideas for change. Insightful, provocative and thoroughly original, The Land of Plenty is a manifesto for our times.... it seemed to me, was part of the same economy as the Victoriaa#39;s Secret show: one that fetishises and trades in the bodies of young women even as it talks of their agency. ... critique, little doubt that women arena#39;t powerless a#39;victimsa#39;, and little doubt that therea#39;s much more to the media than propaganda models admit. ... Why does so much take place against a subtext of violence against women? ... And why this in a society where, as a group, women are yet to achieve even equal pay?

Title:The Land Of Plenty
Author:Mark Davis
Publisher:Melbourne Univ. Publishing - 2008-09-01


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