The Land of the Five Flavors

The Land of the Five Flavors

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World-renowned sinologist Thomas O. HApllmann tracks the growth of Chinese food culture from the earliest burial rituals to todaya€™s Western fast food restaurants, detailing the cuisinea€™s geographical variations and local customs, indigenous factors and foreign influences, trade routes, and ethnic associations. HApllmann describes the food rituals of major Chinese religions and the significance of eating and drinking in rites of passage and popular culture. He also enriches his narrative with thirty of his favorite recipes and a selection of photographs, posters, paintings, sketches, and images of clay figurines and other objects excavated from tombs. This history recounts the cultivation of what are probably the earliest grape wines, the invention of noodles, the role of butchers and cooks in Chinese politics, and the recent issue of food contamination. It discusses local crop production, the use of herbs and spices, the relationship between Chinese food and economics, the import of Chinese philosophy, and traditional dietary concepts and superstitions. HApllmann cites original Chinese sources, revealing fascinating aspects of daily Chinese life. His multifaceted compendium inspires a rich appreciation of Chinese arts and culture.nutrition, 37, 117a€“118; lack of proper, 8, 37, 118; manuals on, 11, 118; water and, 83 nuts, 22, 130, 134, 136 oasis, oases, 64, 84 oats, 18 offerings: of food, 109a€“ 112, 115, 131, 132, 133; of vessels, 14 oils, 22, 35a€“36, 54 oil seeds, 159t Olympic Games, at Beijing, 107, ... 9, 19a€“20, 22 pots, 53a€“55, 60, 81 pottery, 54a€“ 55, 59a€“60, 71, 91; clay bowl with portable warmer, 57; jars of, 38; kilns and, 54 poultry, 106, anbsp;...

Title:The Land of the Five Flavors
Author:Thomas O. Hšllmann
Publisher:Columbia University Press - 2013-12-10


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