The Language of Men

The Language of Men

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An incisive, eloquent literary memoir that transports us to the crossroads of gender and history, then leads us through the unsettling terrain that shapes fathers, sons, brothers, and husbands. The Language of Men isn't just a beautifully written memoir about a Vietnam vet father and the complicated legacy he leaves to his son; it's also a distrurbing, brutally honest, darkly funny meditation on masculinity, violence, and sexuality. -- Tom Perrotta, The Leftovers Hold the phone, kick down the door, and yell from the rooftops of all those American blue-collar towns that give birth to so many of our artists: a new one is among us and his name is Anthony D'Aries. -- Andre Dubus III, Townie: A Memoira€œWell, Iwas hoping to take the boiler repair class, but it was all filled up.a€ My fathera#39;s ... Is a squirrel holding an acorn any creepier than me inserting a cassette tape into the back of a bear wearing suspenders and singing Teddy Ruxpin songs?

Title:The Language of Men
Author:Anthony D'Aries
Publisher:Hudson Whitman/ ECP - 2012-06-28


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