The Larry Diaries: Downing Street - The First 100 Days

The Larry Diaries: Downing Street - The First 100 Days

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It was the brazen cheek of the huge rat running across the front of No 10 on a live TV news broadcast that galvanised the government into action. Meetings were held at the highest level and, barely a week later, on 15 February 2011, Larry the tabby cat arrived in Downing Street to make his mark as the new rodent bouncer in residence. A secret source quickly made contact and has been working closely with Larry ever since to get the full story - in diary form - of his first 100 days in the job. In a swift-moving narrative that pits Larry against the evil King Rat and his legion of cheese-eaters, our hero still finds time to spill the beans on what life with Sam and Dave is really like. With the economy in crisis and anarchy on the streets of London, Larry has to use all his smarts to outwit the enemy and earn his keep. Gaining privileged access to Sam Cam's iPad he uses Google Maps to surpass the rats' knowledge of the local area. With a Royal Wedding on the horizon and a revolving door of visiting dignitaries to contend with, Larry is able to take a wry look at the machinations of coalition power that lurk behind the big black door.Shortly after the Blairs arrived in a#39;97, Tonya#39;s missus decided the carpets needed replacing throughout both buildings, only the bloke next door, Gordon Brown, gotjumpy about the price of the project (well, I suppose he did have a reputation for prudence in them days). a#39;How much will it cost?a#39; he asked. He clearly didna#39;t likeanbsp;...

Title:The Larry Diaries: Downing Street - The First 100 Days
Author:Larry the Cat
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2011-10-13


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