The Laugh Out Loud Guide

The Laugh Out Loud Guide

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Written for the 1.8 million students who will take the SAT this year, this relatable study guide fuses the irreverent humor of The Onion with all the preparation prowess of The Official SAT Study Guide. Every year, almost 2 million students take the SAT exam, a test that will likely determine their college admissions, scholarship offers, and ultimately, what kind of cars they'll drive and how much money they'll make. To ensure that your child doesn't end up in a rusted-out Gremlin making less than $5.00 an hour, professional comedy writer and savant Charles Horn taps his talents to present an instructive test-taking tool that is as entertaining as it is educational. Using the same types of questions that appear on the actual exam, Horn rewrites his guide to make the questions timely, edgy, and fun. Instead of boring, politically correct textbook material, students will be engaged by questions covering stuff they actually might care about, like teen issues, Hollywood, and pop culture.In other words, it should read a€œthe fraternity president . . . was insistent that the party should continue.a€ a€œAs well as the ... REMEMBER. The non-underlined portions of the sentence are correct, so use them to guide you to the a€c right answer.

Title:The Laugh Out Loud Guide
Author:Charles Horn
Publisher:Andrews McMeel Publishing - 2013-07-16


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