The Laws of Disruption

The Laws of Disruption

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While digital life races ahead, the rest of our life, from law to business, struggles to keep up. Business strategists, lawyers, judges, regulators, and consumers have all been left behind, scratching their heads, frantically trying to figure out what they can and can't do. Some want to bring innovation to a standstill (or at least to slow it down) through lawsuits and regulation so they can catch their breath. Others forge madly ahead, legal consequences be damned. In The Laws of Disruption, Larry Downes, author of the best-selling Unleashing the Killer App, provides an invaluable guide for these confusing times, exploring nine critical areas in which technology is dramatically rewriting the rules of business and life. The Laws of Disruption will help business owners and managers understand not only how to avoid being blindsided by customer rebellion, but also how to benefit from it. It will teach lawyers, judges, and regulators when to keep their hands off the system and it will show consumers the consequences of their digital actions. In the gap created by the Law of Disruption, golden opportunities await those who move quickly.Non-rivalrous Goods and the Problem of Transaction Costs Digital technology has transformed the market from one based on industrial production to an ... Will content be pay-per-view or purchased? ... and experimentation dona#39;t bother with the niceties of obeying the law (Viacom has a $1 billion lawsuit in progress against YouTube and Google). Why did the two sides risk so much fighting over HEROES.

Title:The Laws of Disruption
Author:Larry Downes
Publisher:Basic Books - 2009


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