The Laws of Yahweh

The Laws of Yahweh

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A collection and explanation of the laws found in the Old Testament.A Handbook of Biblical Law William J. Doorly ... Pasture lands provided for Nnm 35:2-5 PC Levites, Responsihilities differ from Aaronids Nnm 18:2-7 PC Levites shall have equal portions Dent ... Yahweh with all your heart, You shall Dent 6:5 DT Love Yahweh your God and keep his charge Dent 11:1 DT Love Yahweh your God and walk in his ... 14:3-8 DC Meat mangled by beasts in the field Exod 22:31 BC Medium and wizard shall be put to death Lev 20:27 HC Mediums and wizards.

Title:The Laws of Yahweh
Author:William J. Doorly
Publisher:Paulist Press - 2002


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