The Laws That Protect Youth with Special Needs

The Laws That Protect Youth with Special Needs

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Millions of people with special needs experience problems like prejudice, limited opportunities, and difficulties accessing the facilities that should be freely available. Luckily, there are laws in place today to protect their rights. Maria, a beautiful young girl with dreams of becoming a model, isna€™t allowed to participate in a local modeling workshop. Why? Because she uses a wheelchair. Another student with a disability is threatened by the loss of medical funding from the government, just because hea€™s turning twenty-one; if he loses the governmenta€™s help, hea€™ll have to stop going to school and start living in a nursing home. What can he do to fight the situation? Meanwhile, nineteen-year-old Manuel is rejected from a job because of his history of seizures, even though he takes medication and hasna€™t had a seizure in more than five years. Is there something Manuel can do to get the job? As you read these young adultsa€™ stories, youa€™ll learn about the laws that protect their rights. Youa€™ll discover the history behind these laws, and youa€™ll find out exactly which rights are protected.It usually takes several months to review an application, and SSI payments dona#39;t begin until the SSA completes its ... (not all cases) muscular dystrophy (depends on severity and progressionof the disease) Down syndrome intellectual disability anbsp;...

Title:The Laws That Protect Youth with Special Needs
Author:Joan Esherick
Publisher:Mason Crest - 2015-02-03


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