The Layers of Magazine Editing

The Layers of Magazine Editing

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Unlike the myriad writing manuals that emphasize grammar, sentence structure, and other skills necessary for entry-level editing jobs, this engaging book adopts a broader view, beginning with the larger topics of audience, mission, and tone, and working its way down, layer by layer, to the smaller questions of grammar and punctuation. Based on Michael Robert Evans's years of experience as an editor and supplemented with invaluable observations from the editors of more than sixty other magazines, including The Atlantic, Better Homes and Gardens, Ebony, Esquire, and National Geographic, this book reveals the people-oriented nature of the job. The book proceeds through three sections, or layers. qThe Big Pictureq discusses the process of conceptualizing a magazine and developing a clear mission for it, finding and understanding audiences, freedom of the press, and the ethics of editing. The next section, qThe Big Questions, q describes planning a magazine's issues and working with writers, ensuring that the articles make sense, their fit and tone, and reviewing their structure, leads, and conclusions. Finally, qThe Small (but Important) Stuffq provides advice on fact checking, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other proofreading matters.I make sure it flows from point to pointa€”a lot of writers, in my opinion, have trouble with thisa€”and that the important information is given the proper emphasis . ... Bob, who was driving a 2001 VW Beetle, which had a 150-horsepower turbocharged engine, revved enthusiastically at the starting line. ... The two cars squealed off the starting line, which was at the end of Main Street where no one ever went.

Title:The Layers of Magazine Editing
Author:Michael Robert Evans
Publisher:Columbia University Press - 2004-11-05


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