The Lazy Gourmet

The Lazy Gourmet

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The Lazy Gourmet is for anyone who dreams of dazzling guests with fabulous home-cooked fare, but fears that such a feat would require Thomas Kellera€™s talent, Martha Stewarta€™s ingenuity, Gandhia€™s patience, and Charles Mansona€™s free time. The goal of The Lazy Gourmet is to conquer the misguided belief that preparing an elegant meal requires spending hoursa€”or daysa€”in the kitchen. With the help of an army of volunteer testersa€”regular people with no culinary traininga€”Robin Donovan and Juliana Gallin developed this collection of recipes that can be prepared using readily available ingredients and common kitchen appliances, and without any previous cooking experience or training. With our recipes, anyone can prepare delicious and sophisticated, yet surprisingly simple dishes that will impress fussy in-laws, placate implacable bosses, and seduce sexy strangers through the proven method of knocking their socks off at the dinner table. As the lazy gourmets themselves like to say, a€œCooking a great meal can be just as easy as cooking a crappy meal!a€ So relax! Stop fretting over elaborate recipes and cumbersome techniques and start cooking the Lazy Gourmet way.Magnificent Meals Made Easy Robin Donovan, Juliana Gallin, Joanne Weir ... Coconut Rice Plain steamed rice is nice enough, but this rich, flavorful version is much, much nicer. vegetable oil or vegetable oil spray 2 cups basmati rice 2 cups anbsp;...

Title:The Lazy Gourmet
Author:Robin Donovan, Juliana Gallin, Joanne Weir
Publisher:Cleis Press - 2013-09-18


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