The Leadership Genius of Alfred P. Sloan

The Leadership Genius of Alfred P. Sloan

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Visionary business leader Alfred P. Sloan (1875-1965) revolutionized the world of the American corporation like no one else ever had done before him--or would ever do again. From his groundbreaking approaches for leadership by consensus, encouraging dissent, employing facts and data, and managing consumers, Sloan not only created the General Motors powerhouse during his thirty-year tenure--his brilliance as CEO there is legendary--but he also influenced the strategic vision, leadership style, and operational discipline of today's most successful companies. In The Leadership Genius of Alfred P. Sloan, Allyn Freeman explains why Sloan's principles have stood the test of time, remaining the basic building blocks of effective managerial leadership in organizations large or small. He demonstrates how these innovative principles are playing out in business today, taking you through their successful application at GM and distilling lessons that all managers can use as guideposts in their business. Freeman also provides instructive case studies from top companies across a wide range of industries--from Coca Cola, Marian Labs, and Nike to the Smithsonian, Heinz, and Hallmark--to demonstrate how they are effectively implementing Sloan's concepts. You'll learn how to duplicate Sloan's methods and reap the benefits of: Implementing and controlling dissent and disagreement within your organization Offering customers the right amount of choices The importance of using only facts and statistics for decision-making Selecting the right people for a brilliant, enterprising staff Starting or acquiring ancillary or complementary businesses Developing a strong corporate image through smart, memorable promotion Capitalizing on doing business internationally Delivering proven advice that contunues to shape the way business works, The Leadership Genius of Alfred P. Sloan is the ultimate rulebook for companies who want to achieve high levels of success.This book captures the essence of Sloana#39;s pioneering achievements.

Title:The Leadership Genius of Alfred P. Sloan
Author:Allyn Freeman
Publisher:McGraw-Hill Companies - 2005


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