The Legend of Little Man Wolf

The Legend of Little Man Wolf

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His name was Jeremiah McCall. The Navajos called him Little Man Wolf. He was born to Laughing Deer of the DinAc Towering House People clan, and born for Victor McCall of the Irish People. He walked on the side of the law. The Mexican bandits called him Navajo Blanco, and they feared him. The Apaches respected him as a great warrior. He could shoot the farthest arrow, outwrestle the strongest warriors, and run the farthest distance on foot. It was said that he could sail with the wind, and go farther than tumbleweed. Stories were told that he could shoot any thing dead center with his eyes closed by just listening to the swirling of the wind around his target. At the age of eight he killed a Ute warrior with a tomahawk. At fourteen, he killed fifteen bandits, six with a knife. At sixteen, he hunted and killed three of the vilest men in the West, and outshot two bounty hunters. At seventeen, he added six more to the list. At twenty, they had lost count. Just slightly over four feet tall, he was the fastest, most feared gunfighter who ever lived.He did not care if there were enemies around, and whether they heard him or not. ... a€œHe must have been wandering for days with no food and water. ... The surprised Mexicans did not have time to prepare, but they killed two of my men.

Title:The Legend of Little Man Wolf
Author:Gilbert M. De Los Reyes
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2008-12-02


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