The Legend of Strawberry Island

The Legend of Strawberry Island

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Synopsis Captain Castlewood is lost at sea in a terrible storm and presumed dead. His wife, Helena, decides to take their two sixteen-year-old twin daughters, Elizabeth and Abigail, and move to her mother's home on Strawberry Island. Her mother owns a hotel called Hotel Monteque, which caters to tourists. The island is just off the coast of Florida. Margarita's father, El Dante de la Mengo, had built the hotel as a home for his wife and two adopted daughters, Margarita and Isabella. Helena has not seen her mother, Margarita, in over twenty years. Margarita had sent Helena away to a private school up north because of the veil of uneasiness that lingered on the island after Isabella's death. When she heard from Helena about her husband being gone and that she wanted to bring her daughters to live on the island, she was extremely happy to accommodate them. When they arrive at the island, the two girls' curiosities get them into all kinds of trouble, including accidentally unleashing the evil spirit of their grandmother's long-dead twin sister, Isabella. Once the spirit is unleashed, she possesses Abigail's body and begins to wreak havoc on anyone who comes in contact with her. Abigail is completely helpless to stop Isabella's attacks on people and is continually trying to overcome the evil spirit in her body. Isabella was believed to have been an evil witch and had been burned alive many years ago by the townspeople. Isabella's mother, Francesca, had tried to rescue her but was killed at the same time by the townspeople. Isabella's dying words were curses on the people who were responsible for taking hers and her mother's lives. She swore that she would return someday and get her revenge. Several tourists visiting Strawberry Island meet with terrible fates because of the evildoings of Isabella. The tourists came to the island because of all the legends they had heard about the island. They were thrill seekers and got a lot more than they bargained for. An old gypsy woman named Rosalee went to Margarita and told her that she knew how to free Abigail of Isabella's evil presence. Margarita, her housemaid, Desdemona and Rosalee enlisted the aid of some of the tourists that were still alive to help them. They performed a ritual that caused the spirit to remove itself from Abigail. The spirit went into the body of a swine, which ran quickly away. The swine secretly slipped onto an outgoing ship and was hiding, watching, waiting for .?Margarita went to her library and took a journal from one of the shelves. She took the book into the kitchen where Helena was making a pot of coffee. Margarita told Helena that they had a long night ahead of them. They sat at the dining tableanbsp;...

Title:The Legend of Strawberry Island
Author:Rita Holmes
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2004-05-26


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