The Lemon Juice Diet

The Lemon Juice Diet

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Lemon juice is the new cabbage soup of the diet world and a major Hollywood fad; the media is full of stories of stars losing weight on diets in which lemon juice is a key feature. The Lemon Juice Diet is a safe, delicious way to get thin quickly using this most magical and most fashionable of ingredients. Scientifically-proven to work and easy-to-follow, this diet will help you lose those excess pounds and stay in shape for good. So, what's the secret behind this diet? Lemon juice stimulates the flow of saliva and gastric juice and is an excellent digestive agent. And the health of your digestive system determines how well nutrients get absorbed from your food, how effectively toxins are filtered out and eliminated from your body and how quickly you lose weight. Lemon juice... - When taken regularly first thing in the morning, acts as a tonic to the liver and stimulates it to produce bile making it ready to digest the day's food - Helps lower blood sugar and can lower the glycemic impact of any meal - Is one of the richest and most concentrated food sources of vitamin C and recent research suggests that people who eat more fresh citrus are more likely to lose weight - Contains pectin power creating a satisfying feeling of fullness and preventing nagging hunger With easy meal plans, eating guidelines and exercise tips, The Lemon Juice Diet will help you to lose weight safely and effortlessly; all you need to do is give life a squeeze.To make your lemonade you will need: 2 tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice ( approximately 1a„2 to 1 lemon) 300 ml (10 ... a cinnamon stick Small pinch of cayenne pepper Mix together the lemon juice, water, maple syrup and cayenne pepper.

Title:The Lemon Juice Diet
Author:Theresa Cheung
Publisher:Random House - 2008-09-04


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