The Library of Original Sources: Volume VI (Advance in Knowledge 1650-1800)

The Library of Original Sources: Volume VI (Advance in Knowledge 1650-1800)

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CONTENTS Harvey On the Motion of the Heart Blood in Animals Comenius Educational Ideas Descartes Meditations Spinoza The Ethics, Part I Leibnitz The Monadology Hobbes Of Man Locke Ideas Ideas and Things Substance Anthony von Leeuwenhoeck Observations on Animalculf Newton The Diffusion of Light The Theory of Gravitation Huyghens The Wave Theory of Light The Beginning of Chemistry Boyle The Discovery of His Law Thomas Mun The Mercantile Theory John Locke The Basis of Property is Labor Berkeley Principles of Human Knowledge Hume Against the Principle of Cause and Effect Against Personal Identity Kant The Prolegomena The Critique of Pure Reason Boerhaave Physiological Conceptions Linnaeus A Dissertation on the Sexes of Plants Franklin Letter to Peter Collinson on Electricity The Identity of Lightning and Electricity. The Lightning Rod The Kite Experiment Black The Discovery of Carbonic Acid Gas, qFixed Airq Priestley The Discovery of Oxygen Scheele Chemical Treatise on Air and Fire Cavendish The Combination of Hydrogen and Oxygen into Water Lavoisier The Permanence of Matter The Nature of Combustion Respiration a Combustion James Watt Invention of the Steam Engine Hutton Theory of the Phenomena Common to Stratified and Unstratified Bodies Herschel The Discovery of Uranus On Nebulous Stars On the Proper Motion of the Sun and Solar System Laplace The Nebular Hypothesis Volta New Galvanic Instrument John Wesley The Early Methodists General Rules of the Society The Doctrine of Justification Voltaire On Toleration Quesnay General Maxims Adam Smith On the Principle of the Commercial or Mercantile System Of Restraints upon ImportationOliver J. Thatcher ... Let the means of the transportation of the productions of manual labor be facilitated by repairing roadways, and by the navigation of canals, of rivers, and of the sea ; for the more that is saved in the act of carrying onanbsp;...

Title:The Library of Original Sources: Volume VI (Advance in Knowledge 1650-1800)
Author:Oliver J. Thatcher
Publisher:The Minerva Group, Inc. - 2004-06-01


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