The Life and Rhymes of Stuart Wart

The Life and Rhymes of Stuart Wart

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The Life and Rhymes of Stuart Wart is a qtale of two twitsq, starring pleasantly average teens Stuart Wart, who prefers to be called Stu Wart, and his backward best friend, Brad O. Darb. After high school, Stu and Brad take off from their hometown of Frostproof, Florida, for Miami Beach, a place where they are close enough to spit into the ocean from the rooftop of their Kaye Mart Place apartment building. Fun in the sun is their creed, and the beach is their playground. Stu and Brad live life one misadventure after another, meeting people along the way who are as peculiar as their names. There is the landlord Hugh Jass, a neighbor named DooDad, professor Warren Peace, and Ceya, the lost love, plus a host of characters guaranteed to make you laugh and think. Reminiscent of the wackiness of Friends and the zaniness of Seinfeld, The Life and Rhymes of Stuart Wart is an entertaining little book filled with puns, palindromes, diphthongs, and anagrams used to chronicle Stu and Brad's pursuit of happiness. These two are not the brightest bulbs in the lamp, but they are smart enough to enjoy the simplicity of life-even in the midst of a few setbacks.It was 6:05 Friday morning as Bill Ding and Stu took the airport exit in Billa#39;s blue 1999 Ford Ranger pickup. All the way there, Bill went through a verbal litany of doa#39;s and dona#39;ts. He even wrote down some facts about Brazil for Stu that included anbsp;...

Title:The Life and Rhymes of Stuart Wart
Author:Dave Tuttle
Publisher:iUniverse - 2007-09-10


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