The Life and Times of Pericles

The Life and Times of Pericles

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Greek soldiers defeated numerically superior Persian armies in several battles near the beginning of the fifth century BCE. That set the stage for what is known as the Golden Age of Greece, several decades of almost unparalleled accomplishments in art, politics, and civil affairs. The leader during this inspired era was a citizen of Athens named Pericles. He led many important political changes in the city. He was also largely responsible for the development of the Acropolis. Buildings such as the Parthenon still inspire awe and admiration among countless numbers of visitors to the site every year.Children of the Fox. ... New York: TV Books, 2000. ... City Guide http://www. Denault, Leigh T. a€œThe Glory That Was Greece : Culture and History in Ancient ... a€œPericles, a#39;The Olympiana#39;a€ http://www.e-classics. com/pericles.htm Index Acropolis 22, 29 Aeschylus 19, 21, 28 Agariste (Periclesa#39;. 47anbsp;...

Title:The Life and Times of Pericles
Author:Jim Whiting
Publisher:Mitchell Lane Publishers, Inc. - 2005-03-01


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