The Literary Mind of Medieval and Renaissance Spain

The Literary Mind of Medieval and Renaissance Spain

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These studies, which originated from research on approximately 100 firms earned on at the University of Kentucky under a grant from the Small Business Administration, are an empirical examination of decision making in the small firm. The practices revealed by the investigation have been analyzed within the theoretic framework of managerial economics. The studies make suggestions for improvements that take into account the limited resources of small firms. A third study, Investment Decisions in Small Business by Martin B. Solomon, will be published at a later date. Pricing Decisions in Small Business points out that pricing is more flexible but that competition is more limited than economists have assumed. Though he already makes some adjustment of prices according to the market, the businessman could profit from greater flexibility in his thinking, especially in the consideration of relative changes in costs and revenues.Cf. Fray Luis de Granada, IntroducciA³n del SAsmbolo de la Fe, I, xxii, As2: a€œ. . . la hermosura de alguna criatura . . . basta muchas veces ... It is beauty that causes the sudden surrender of Elisena in the AmadAss, a surrender so overwhelming that she was ready to a€œcaer en ... God and Fortune cooperate: a€œpero Dios et la fortuna / en este tiempo dotaron / muchas de grant fermosuraa€ (Luna Condestable, CPal, p.

Title:The Literary Mind of Medieval and Renaissance Spain
Author:Otis H. Green
Publisher:University Press of Kentucky - 2015-02-05


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