The Little Blue-Eyed Vampire from Hell

The Little Blue-Eyed Vampire from Hell

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Seek out the mysterious vampire squid on a stunning journey into the oceana€™s depths with leading marine conservationist Richard Ellis Renowned marine conservationist Richard Ellis gives a fascinating account of the vampire squid. Named Vampyroteuthis infernalis (a€œthe vampire squid from Hella€) by its nineteenth-century discoverer because of its sinister appearance, it is neither a vampire nor a true squid, and lives in the deep ocean where few humans ever catch sight of it. A unique, stunning creature, it is sometimes called a a€œliving fossil, a€ and it can light up or turn inside out at a momenta€™s notice. Ellisa€™s narrative of the vampire squida€™s history, evolution, and characteristics is brought into context by his broad knowledge of other squid, octopus, and marine species. More than thirty dazzling images illustrate the book. The Little Blue-Eyed Vampire from Hell is an exhilarating journey into the oceana€™s abyss, boldly illuminating one of the eartha€™s most elusive creatures.a€œThere are too many things that fish do well that squid either do poorly or cannot do at all, a€ wrote Oa#39;Dor and Webber. ... Squid devote a higher portion of their body weight to the nervous system than other coldblooded vertebrates (approachinganbsp;...

Title:The Little Blue-Eyed Vampire from Hell
Author:Richard Ellis
Publisher:Open Road Media - 2012-09-18


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