The Little Book of Big Savings

The Little Book of Big Savings

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Be richer by this time tomorrow Every month you spend money in twelve major categories. And at the end of each month, you scratch your head and wonder, Where did it all go? In The Little Book of Big Savings, Americaa€™s Financial Expert, Ar Ellie Kay, will help you uncover the extra cash just waiting to be found in every area of your life. Not only will you never again wonder where your cash went, you will have extra to savea€“and even to share. Dona€™t mindlessly let hundreds of dollars slip out of your ATM every month. Elliea€™s practical advice will show you: a€cHow one phone call could save you $500 a year or more a€cHow your kids can get a great education without breaking the bank a€cThree ways your water heater can save you money a€cWhy giving away money is one of the best ways to save it a€cHow to save up to 50% on your online purchases Plus hundreds of other tips that will loosen your budget without sacrificing your lifestyle. Soon youa€™ll find what you want the most when it comes to your finances: peace of mind. From the Trade Paperback edition.Second, we send them to schools that we can afford or where they get the best scholarship offers to cover the most expenses. Third, we have saved a modest amount of college money to help them pay their room and board and partial tuition. Last but certainly not least, we require that they work part time in the summers or during the school year (through a ... have to spend on tuition, college credits, books, or room and board is a thousand dollars that 140 The Little Book of Big Savings.

Title:The Little Book of Big Savings
Author:Ellie Kay
Publisher:WaterBrook Press - 2009-08-18


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