The Lobster Pot Wars

The Lobster Pot Wars

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Slow, Slow-Quick, Quick is set in 1952 in a small town where one can count on others for friendship and advice; where playground battles are settled without guns or knives. Jimmy Merritt moves to town in the summer before sixth grade, and becomes best friends with Bouie and ML. Innocence awakens as the boys face life's challenges. Sometimes they manage affairs quite well. At other times, mistakes cause them to suffer. DeeDee Rose becomes Jimmy's first love, but an older boy enters the scene. ML, the show-off, almost loses his best friend because of his antics; Bouie sometimes places self-interest above others. Parents' influences are never far away, yet Jimmy notes that they are, sometimes, qMostly out of it.q Simply put, Slow, Slow-Quick, Quick is a charming book with a clarity of vision easily identifiable to young adult and older readers. It will make you nostalgic for a more gentle time; it will make you smile to recall when you discovered that another thought you were special, and you had never considered it; it will make you laugh to remember how you escaped from certain danger because you were lucky. It might make you sad that you never celebrated a time when you could hit the target without thinking, or run faster than all others. It will make you recall the entry of the older person into your life, who might have changed your world for the first time. Time was, then, like a dance, Slow--Slow--Quick--Quick.Brian worked all day on his seafood chowder that Lea had taught him how to make. Their guests finally arrived. After Lea said grace- aquot;Lord, thank you for good friends who make good food taste even better, Amenaquot;, Brian gave his usual Gaelicanbsp;...

Title:The Lobster Pot Wars
Author:Bettie Hamilton
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2004-08-01


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