The Lone Wolf Murders

The Lone Wolf Murders

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A lone wolf biker is faced with an impossible dilemma when he witnesses the murder of a local, prominent political figure by a pair of assassins he knows are bikers. These cold, ruthless, serial killers are bikers that even qone-percentersq shun. John Trotter, aka Wolf, is an experienced, daily rider torn between his love of family, friends, and the freedom of the road. The biker code he lives by is challenged by his conscience to do the right thing. He calls on his biker brothers for assistance as other bikers start to die in mysterious accidents. The intensity is turned up when Wolf is forced on a long ride to hell and back. The characters, scenes, routes, and rallies are based on actual bikers, places, and events that took place when the author rode the story, minus the murders. The story was guided by coincidence, karma, and totems to the scenes described. Biker humor, chases, crashes, and tips are woven into the story. The characters are believable, everyday bikers from all walks of life, unlike the image frequently portrayed to the public. The journey Wolf and his biker brothers take is enriched by rides to rallies and locations across the southeastern U.S. taking routes frequented by bikers. The book can be used as a guide for rides to fully experience the story while exploring the area. Bikers and non-bikers alike will gain understanding of the call of freedom and its relationship to the motorcycle culture.He had decided to take his wifea#39;s bike in case his bike was one of the leads the police were following, or worse, one the killers were looking ... flashing taillight, making his bike stand out from Others, and his plate light was out. Hea#39;d have to take care of both the next day when he went to his buddya#39;s repair shop for the parts.

Title:The Lone Wolf Murders
Author:Wayne Littrell
Publisher:Abbott Press - 2013-03-01


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