The Long and Winding Road

The Long and Winding Road

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There must have been a time when you just could not get a certain song out of your head. Perhaps it was the last sound played at the disco or perhaps therea€™s a certain riff in a song that haunts you? Perhaps ita€™s one of those songs which have a special meaning for you or a special person in your life? Whatever the reason we all have had musical influences throughout our life and some we have deliberately chosen whilst others have crept in because we watch television and listen to the radio. We also have been subjected to other musical influences from shops, restaurants, churches, dance halls and anyone whistling or singing near us. Why was it almost impossible to remember Shakespearea€™s quotations when I tried to learn them for school yet I can remember words to songs without even trying to memorise them? As someone who has made a living from playing music for others to listen to it has interested me greatly to find out whether any of the records which have made the popular music charts has had a greater influence on me than I have realized. I will also try to remember the words to the songs I heard in my younger years without using either reference books or a safety net! I will also attempt to put the music in some kind of time frame looking at what else was happening aside from the music. I will also identify how my own appreciation of music has evolved and that charts become less important with age. This will be the basis of a large part of my book. I will also try to show that I have had to show a good amount of true grit and determination in order to eventually find the job I had always wanted from my childhood days of listening to Radio Luxembourg and Radio Caroline. Moreover, it takes a lifetime to really see your priorities. Join me now in my musical voyage of discovery.She obviously counted her pennies and sang the question a#39;How Much is that Doggy in the Window?a#39; I certainly ... As we didna#39;t have a car and we never went into any countryside anywhere the words didna#39;t have a great relevance for me!

Title:The Long and Winding Road
Author:Vince Tracy
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2013-06-06


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