The Longest Night

The Longest Night

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The bloodiest night of the London Blitz The Blitz is one of the best known events of the Second World War. It affected more British people than any other 'battle': soldier or civilian, man or woman, adult or child -- the bombs made no distinction. Over 40, 000 people were killed in the German air raids and many more injured. The scars on London took 50 years to repair and even now there are sealed up air raid shelters where the bodies remain entombed. London's firemen and emergency services did their jobs under a rain of bombs night after night, for eight months. Whole crews sometimes died as buildings collapsed on them: some of these heroes are commemorated today by having streets in the East End named after them. Gavin Mortimer concentrates on one night: the particularly savage raids of 10-11 May 1941 to reveal what it was like to experience The Blitz. Based on interviews with survivors, his gripping minute-by-minute account recaptures a time when the very survival of this country hung in the balance.Voices from the London Blitz Gavin Mortimer ... despite the ungodly hour at which he had been awoken in his sumptuous quarters at the Palais du Luxembourg in Paris. The call had come from General Hans Jeschonnek, Chief of Staff to the Luftwaffe, from his office in Hitlera#39;s Wolfsschanze HQ (Wolfa#39;s Lair) in East Prussia. ... Hitler had been on the phone from his summer residence in Berchtesgaden.

Title:The Longest Night
Author:Gavin Mortimer
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2011-12-08


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