The Lost Spellweaver

The Lost Spellweaver

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The Lost Spellweaver begins the Elfdreams series. Set in ancient Parallan, the tale chronicles events that occurred long before the Draiths came to prominence in the World of the Three Suns. When the wandering gray sun Andreas draws near Parallan, Magick touches the dwellers of the primitive world. Only during the Approximations of Andreas are Spellweavers born to the forest dwellers, the Drelves. Generations of Drelves went about their lives, lived in harmony with the forest, and harvested the tubers of the enhancing plant, which grew only in the exotic Green Vale, the home of the Thirttene friends and one of only two green places in the mostly orange-yellow World of the Three Suns. The Drelves' enemies, gnarly goblin-like Kiennites and powerful wolf-faced Drolls, assailed the forest folk at every opportunity. After many Approximations resulted in no Spellweavers, twin Spellweavers are born and kindle the Drelves' hopes. Wisps of Magick connect other worlds to Parallan. Masters of the powerful ability Translocation, Dreamraiders use these threads of Magick to influence events in Parallan. What motivates the Dreamraiders? Can dreams come true? Should dreams come true? Deathquest to Parallan, the Orb of Chalar, The Death of Magick, The Chalice of Mystery, and The Dawn of Magick... The Donothor and Parallan series...a different kind of Sci-Fi/fantasy.Ia#39;ve seen adolescent boondoggles, moon doggies, and baby boomers accomplish more. When may I attack?aquot; Neville ... Theya#39;re easy to find because they make lots of noise and easy to catch because they are slow. You Kiennites dona#39;t get outanbsp;...

Title:The Lost Spellweaver
Author:Benjamin Towe
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2009-09


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