The Loved Dog

The Loved Dog

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The Loved Dog is Tamar Geller's revolutionary guide to effective dog-training using the gentlest of methods. Tamar, whose clients include Oprah Winfrey, Ben Affleck and Goldie Hawn, teaches a groundbreaking socialisation technique for training dogs. By strengthening the bond between dog and owner, dogs begin to enjoy listening to commands with no need for aggressive training aids such as verbal or physical reprimands. Using this technique, The Loved Dog shows you how to child-proof your dog and teach him good behaviour. Tamar's amazing methods have swept across America, changing the way owners train and relate to their canine friends. Tamar believes that loving your dog is the key to its training. In The Loved Dog she shows you how to build this relationship.He was doing what dogs do, checking his a#39;p-maila#39; and taking inventory of everyone on the street. ... Wolves must have clear rules to keep the peace with so many sharp-toothed pack members looking for ways to assert themselves. ... You must behave counterintuitively in this way, because in a happy pack, everyone knows where he belongs and what ... I quickly demonstrated to Charles how to distract him from jumping, using a technique Ia#39;ll describe in detail in the coaching section.

Title:The Loved Dog
Author:Tamar Geller
Publisher:Random House - 2012-03-31


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