The Lucas Effect: George Lucas and the New Hollywood

The Lucas Effect: George Lucas and the New Hollywood

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A filmmaker, visionary, and entrepreneur, George Lucas has not only changed the way we experience film and filmmaking, but also revolutionized film industry practices and standards. George Lucas, on an economic, aesthetic, and cultural level, has contributed more than any other individual to the shaping of the New Hollywood and is one of the most important figures in film history. His contribution to the film industry and our culture can be defined as the qLucas Effect.q Until now Lucas' work has been studied categorically. That is, popular books have been written that focus specifically on his life, his marketing skills, his films, his fans, or his various business accomplishments and practices. This is the first book to weave these threads together into a cohesive, rigorous study that illustrates the far reaching impact and importance of his creative genius. This book is important not only for film academics, students of film criticism and theory, popular culture scholars, and film devotees, but also for industry power brokers, Lucas fans and anyone who is interested in the work, life, and legacy of one of film's most important visionaries, George Lucas.2. See also Louise Kramer and Wayne Friedman. a€œStar Wars TieIn Deals Fail to Rise Above Clutter, a€ Advertising Age, 21 June 1999, 70, no. ... Hasbro guaranteed Lucasfilm $500 million, Ballantine paid $1 million for book rights, and Lego paid $50 million for the rights to Phantom, in its first licensing deal ever. ... a€œ Your Guide to Episode II: Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, a€ Daily News, 16 May 2002, 1415.

Title:The Lucas Effect: George Lucas and the New Hollywood
Author:Patti J. McCarthy
Publisher:Teneo Press - 2014-10-25


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