The Mage of Monrovia

The Mage of Monrovia

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An apprentice of the mage they had destroyed earlier, now threatens Inherian once again. But when Mexia arrives at Langdon to become school trained, she learns the school will not permit a woman to attend. But she must destroy the magea€™s apprentice, and she cannot do so without the training. She must use the magic she has learned to discover a way to defeat the apprentice before it is too late. Mexia has already done much more than most school-trained mages when she and her companions had gone in search of the scepter of salvation. But now one of the apprentices of the evil wizard they had destroyed, has stolen his spell book and plans to take up where he had left off, and she has to try and stop him. Mexia believes the only way for her to defeat the mage is to become school trained like he was with the eventual goal of becoming a high wizarda€”the first of her kind in Inherian. But the current headmaster denies her entrance because shea€™s a woman. Though if she can get the former headmastera€™s recommendation, she may attend. And thata€™s the beginning of the trouble. First, therea€™s the wizard Then, the immovable headmaster. And then, the circle of misfortunes. It all goes downhill from therea€bNone other than my own betrothed who is a mage like me or a mage descendent of mine can learn the spells from the book. Not even Rosenthal ... a€œYou are more beautiful than any woman I have ever known...and the cleverest.a€ a€œI bet you sayanbsp;...

Title:The Mage of Monrovia
Author:Terry Spear
Publisher:Terry Spear -


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