The Magic Pill

The Magic Pill

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What if there was a pill to help you live longer, feel better, look younger, and improve almost every aspect of your life with zero bad side effects, wouldn't you want to take it? The Magic Pill will prove to you that with a little time, energy, and effort, you can have all of these benefits and much, much more. Unveiling the most current scientific information on aging, exercise, nutrition, and supplementation, this first guidebook of its kind provides a comprehensive self-help approach to living longer, improving your health, and finding the happiness that resides within us all. Matt O'Brien takes you on an exciting journey filled with motivation, education, and inspiration. Read this book! You will take control of your health and your life will never be the same again. Praise from Matt O'Brien's Clients: I know for certain that I would not have arrived at this fantastic place in my life without Matt O'Brien as my coach, motivator, and friend Thank you, Matt, for giving me my health, fitness and life back. Jill Gear Matt O'Brien's expertise and ability to teach have transformed my attitude towards exercise and nutrition. I have a new passion for my health. Brandice LardnerI use integrated conditioning with many of my clients to maximize caloric expenditure and increase their average heart rate over the course of the ... In 30 minutes of exercise, you can effectively do both cardio and weight training in this manner.

Title:The Magic Pill
Author:Matt O'Brien
Publisher:iUniverse - 2011


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