The Magicians and The Magician King

The Magicians and The Magician King

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Two novels from New York Times bestselling author Lev Grossman: The Magicians and its riveting sequel, The Magician King. THE MAGICIANS: Quentin Coldwater is brilliant but miserable. A high school math genius, hea€™s secretly fascinated with a series of childrena€™s fantasy novels set in a magical land called Fillory, and real life is disappointing by comparison. When Quentin is unexpectedly admitted to an elite, secret college of magic, it looks like his wildest dreams may have come true. But his newfound powers lead him down a rabbit hole of hedonism and disillusionment, and ultimately to the dark secret behind the story of Fillory. The land of his childhood fantasies turns out to be much darker and more dangerous than he ever could have imagineda€b The Magicians is one of the most daring and inventive works of literary fantasy in years. No one who has escaped into the worlds of Narnia and Harry Potter should miss this breathtaking return to the landscape of the imagination. THE MAGICIAN KING: Quentin Coldwater should be happy. He escaped a miserable Brooklyn childhood, matriculated at a secret college for magic, and graduated to discover that Fillorya€”a fictional utopiaa€”was actually real. But even as a Fillorian king, Quentin finds little peace. His old restlessness returns, and he longs for the thrills a heroic quest can bring. Accompanied by his oldest friend, Julia, Quentin sets offa€”only to somehow wind up back in the real-world and not in Fillory, as theya€™d hoped. As the pair struggle to find their way back to their lost kingdom, Quentin is forced to rely on Juliaa€™s illicitly learned sorcery as they face a sinister threat in a world very far from the beloved fantasy novels of their youth.The wineand thefood and the music and the candles were almost enough to make what he was saying seem interesting. ... explained what everybody else was laughingat, andRichard knittedhisthick Vulcan eyebrows in consternation at hisanbsp;...

Title:The Magicians and The Magician King
Author:Lev Grossman
Publisher:Penguin - 2012-10-02


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