The Maid's Daughter

The Maid's Daughter

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He thought he was finished rescuing damsels in distress. After all, hadn't playing hero gotten millionaire Devlyn Wolff into enough trouble? Still, when a car accident lands Gillian Carlyle at his feet, he can't walk awaya€beven when he learns of her connection to his past. Giving Gillian a job with his new business venture is not Devlyn's way of assuaging age-old guilt. Nor is it a way to keep her close. At least he tells himself that, even as he knows seducing the maid's daughter will lead him where he never meant to goa€b.a€œIf it would make you more comfortable, we can stay at Jacoba#39;s place. He and his wife ... Devlyn took her arms and gently pulled her to her feet. a€œPoor Gillian ... a scant foot. One longfingered, tanned hand reached in holding soft, clean clothes.

Title:The Maid's Daughter
Author:Janice Maynard
Publisher:Harlequin - 2012-09-01


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