The Making...

The Making...

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WARNING--INTENDED FOR MATURE AUDIENCES Living a life of poverty and headed for nowhere, Jeb Maruso chances upon a mysterious book that changes his life forever--one that promises him not only the secrets to self-transformation, but also the very secrets of the universe. The promises seem to hold true as Jeb gains heightened intelligence and magical powers that motivate him to write a fantasy story, which rapidly becomes a #1 best-seller. While traveling abroad and enjoying his fame and fortune, however, he learns of a series of ritualistic murders in and around his hometown--and the killings mirror those committed by the villain in Jeb's novel. As Jeb tries to track down the brutal killer, whom he was labeled the Solstice Slayer, he unwittingly becomes his own worst enemy. The plot twists and turns until we find Jeb facing his biggest challenge yet: convincing his jurors, and his readers, that he is not the killer himself. Through an astounding array of colorful characters and scenarios, both human and metaphysical, author J. Eric Booker takes his readers on a thrilling ride. THE Making... is a spell-binding mystery of epic proportions!Now, why did I summarize this particular movie in my Magickal journal? ... Ia#39;m going to find outa€”perhaps ita#39;s time for a little change. ... [Personal Journala€”9/27] I still have full intentions of paying the entire cost of the Z-Ster back to Bryan, though I shall wait a bit to ... Now, where does a college student get money like that, even with the family name of White? How much money does Bryan have anyway?

Title:The Making...
Author:J. Eric Booker
Publisher:B. E. Books - 2013-01-02


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