The Making of a Stand-Up Guy

The Making of a Stand-Up Guy

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As one of the most popular performers on Comedy Centrala€™s mega-hit The Chappelle Show, Charlie Murphya€”older brother of comedy legend Eddie Murphya€”shares his passion for comedy and tells his true Hollywood stories in this juicy and highly entertaining memoir. Once described by Chris Rock as a€œEddie Murphy on acid, a€ Charlie Murphy has achieved fame as a recurring performer on the critically acclaimed, three-time Emmy-nominated cult sensation Chappellea€™s Show on Comedy Central. Celebrated in particular for his a€œCharlie Murphya€™s True Hollywood Storiesa€ skits, featuring hilarious renditions of Rick James and Prince, Murphy now recounts many of the actual stories that inspired these popular sketches in vivid and comical detail in Doing Time: The Making of a Stand-Up Guy. With his flare for storytelling and his distinctive and fearless voice, ita€™s no wonder that Charlie Murphy has been the subject of many featured stories in numerous magazines, including GQ, Essence, Rolling Stone, and he was recently listed as one of the Hottest People to Watch in Entertainment Weeklya€™s a€œMust List.a€ Featuring outrageous misadventures as part of his younger brother Eddiea€™s entourage, and hysterical encounters with numerous celebrities, Doing Time: The Making of a Stand-Up Guy is a fascinating and wildly funny chronicle from one of the most talented comedians today.As Vern grew older, he was like the precursor to MacGyver. He was a crackerjack at figuring things out and always learned everything by doing it first, usually at my urging. If we wanted to teach ... He had an insatiable appetite for television (he had the TV Guide memorized and never missed his favorite programs). He didanbsp;...

Title:The Making of a Stand-Up Guy
Author:Charlie Murphy
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2009-12-01


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