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a€œIn the past 25 years, over 250 real-estate agents have been assaulted on the job. Many of them raped and murdered.a€ Charlie Daniels, president of Montanaa€™s largest board of Realtors, read this statement to his associates. It was from the National Association of Realtors and arrived only days before the first-ever rape-murder of a city Realtor. Another killing followed. A rapist-killer is now established and on the prowl in Montanaa€™s largest city and he leaves no evidence. He has a fixation on beautiful real-estate women with black hair. He is a lawmana€™s worst nightmarea€“a€“a rapist-killer from a distant place with two years spent building local trust. Now, he has a plan to rape and kill, and repeat his grisly work. The killings send a message to female Realtorsa€“a€“a killer walks among us, business as usual is over. Women are the backbone of the real-estate sales force, but apprehension hangs in the air. Sally Stokes, attractive middle-aged widow with two young daughters, cannot afford to hole up. Neither can gorgeous Sheena Lovely, the rumored great-grand daughter of Montana native Gary Cooper. Law enforcement is stymied. They look to a retired man-hunter, Sheriff Wade Hollingsworth, for input, but his conclusion is surreal, the contrast too largea€“a€“would a killer leave the protective concealment of peopled Seattle for the vastness of Montana? Two years past, the Seattle media tagged a similar killer, The Taker. Can The Taker really be in Montana, operating under a guise of innocence? When the aging sheriffa€™s beautiful protAcgAc Sheena is taken, he acts on his hunch. Alone he trudges to a suspected wilderness hide-away where he finds hera€“a€“hopelessa€“a€“ waiting. Now they must elude the returning sadist. Apprehensively, they start an arduous trip out of the mountains with no conception of the horror awaiting them.a€œEver seen a Taser burn, Al?a€ a€œDona#39;t know what youa#39;re talking about.a€ a€œA small mark made by one of those disabling guns that shoot an electric current. Theya#39;ll make a mark if they hit bare skin. If the guna#39;s pressed against flesh and held there anbsp;...

Author:Wallace Madding
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2011-04-26


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